designED for non-designers To all the dreamers, tinkerers, techies and inventors
Equip yourself with the design skills to turn your ideas into able products

DIY. Your Idea to Product

Street-smart, essential and practical, our workshops teach you exactly the skills you need
to take your ideas and turn them into lovable products without spending a fortune

DIY. DesignED Enterprise

Integrate essential design skills into existing work practices to get more power from your team. Custom workshops available

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DIY. Smarter Sprints

Tools, methods and guidance on how to embed innovation and human centred design practices in your agile sprints

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DIY. UX Testing

Learn quick and easy UX testing skills because you are not just like your users (as much as you may think you are!)

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Because lame products don't get downloads

Your Dreams. Our Passion

At Indyco, we love what we do. Creating designED programs for non-designers lights our fire. It's what gets us out of bed each day, it's what we think about all day, and dream about all night. But, we were not always like this...

Meet Anna (hello!). Meet Paul (hey!).

We have both been in the trenches, and made our way through gritty adventures taking our own ideas, hunches and dreams from fuzziness to lovable products. We have also spent years doing this for technology startups, small businesses, financial institutions, and large enterprise clients around the globe. And now, we have created Indyco to bring the lessons we have learned in product design to anyone who has a dream.

You may ask why? Well, that part is easy. At our very core, we believe that the fulfilment of personal dreams and ambitions is key to making the most of our 30 seconds on this planet. In our work with brilliant people from all walks of life, we have met talented, intelligent individuals who did not have the ability to transform their ideas, dreams, inventions or side-projects into lovable, and sellable, products. For some, it was a lack of design-chops, for others a lack of business knowledge, funds, time, and support from those who have walked the path before. Empowering ideas people with the right design skills became our obsession.

Our vision for Indyco is clear: as long as there are lame products hiding behind download buttons anywhere, you can be sure that Anna and Paul will be on the job. And we won’t stop until we equip all the ideas people with the design skills they need to turn their dreams into lovable, and sellable, products.

We are super excited and proud to be pioneering the self-learning design movement ... oh, and also, we are both really talented at drinking coffee! So if you have an idea, but are not sure where to start, connect with us today. We’ll help you start your own adventure over a latte.